About Us

CLX Ventures is a real estate development and private equity investment company established by Brad Copeland and Tony Long in January 2019. Bringing a combined 60+ years of real estate experience to the table, the co-founders combine qualification and initiative to fulfill their goal: to create innovative, market-leading places to live, work and dream.

(The Founders: Left, Tony Long. Right, Brad Copeland)

Our Values

These four values guide everything we do.


To be known as a company that honors God, provides an innovative and joyful workplace

where the Golden Rule is honored,

the needs of clients come first and foremost,

while creating innovative and market leading places to live, work and dream.


Identify and execute real estate related development, investment and services ideas that produce exceptional risk adjusted results.

CLX endeavors to be known as a highly trustworthy and reliable investment, development and services expert.

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